Congratulations to you! I hope the book brings you hours of continued inspiration and creative adventures.  Please contact me with your mailing address. To all who entered, thank you for your enthusiasm and interest.

Susan and I have already been chatting. She is a one heck of a woman and has earned the right to call herself Creative ChicK and I can hardly wait to chat with everyone. I am so excited to meet her, I am going to do some turn about and interview HER for my podcast series this month. Woooo Hooo. Stay tuned. In the meantime, come chat with us Live time Register TODAY.

Each person who leaves a comment here on the blog, following the chat, will be registered for a drawing for a free signed book and print. The winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow morning. Please leave your email contact in your post, so I can get back to you! 


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  1. thank you for the empowering chat…as a pretty feisty female myself i applaud the ideas you put forth especially interacting with your art and LIVING FULLER…i intend to LIVE FULLER from now on…i was living in someone else’s box for way too many years…it brought tears to my eyes when you led me to that awakening…thank you…blessings, rebecca

  2. What a great forum! Thanks to Sheri and Creative Chick for organizing today’s chat. I missed the first few minutes, but will read backward to get the whole story. Looking forward to seeing the book!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the live chat. So much interesting information and tips were given. It is interesting and reassuring to know that most creatives have the same problems,hopes and aspirations. Thanks so much for this chat. You will have much success with your book.

  4. Sheri,
    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to reinforce for us all how important taking time to reflect is. We all need to reflect from time to time on what we want and where we are going in life. Reflecting on our art is no different.
    Enjoyed it.

  5. OOps, I accidentally commented as my friend on another post. I was working on her blog and forgot to log off. Thanks again!!

  6. Thank you so much for the chat! It was super helpful and super positive. Fiesty girl always!

  7. Fabulous chat today!! A lot of good ideas and food for thought were exchanged. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, creativity and compassion.

  8. What a great chat this was. Everyone who missed it missed out on a boost of confidence and energy. It was great that so many shared personal information, it made me feel I got to know them. it’s amazing how many of us feel the same way or go through the same situations and what we share can help. I’m ready to get the book!
    Barb Roberts

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! I love the idea of combining journalling with cards and Jungian thought
    It is amazing that there is the opportunity for people to come together online and share their creative dreams together.
    Again, thanks for the talk. I’d like to hear more about taking one of your courses online.

  10. The chat was informative, lively (while still neatly paced), and uplifting.
    The new book sounds great and the recommendation of The Artists Way seems useful too. Everyone’s questions and comments were well received and adroitly addressed.
    Thank you for coming.

  11. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us on FAMM this afternoon. I found it helpful in many ways.

  12. Thoough I read mostly in the chat tonight I picked up a whole load of things to use in my daily art journey.
    I flipped thru your book at the bookstore (with a nice cup of chai tea mind you) and now I need to read it in depth and take it all it has to offer (so please don’t put me in the running for a free copy, someone else has to win this baby).
    Thanks Sheri.
    p.s. the thing that pulled me in and had me purchasing the book were your words about “intention” which just happens to be one of my words for 2009. I love serendipity!

  13. Great chat today. There was a lot of food for thought. I’ll certainly be back to check this blog on a regular basis.
    I look forward to the T-shirts, too!

  14. Thanks to everyone who attended the chat today. That was SO MUCH FUN! You are all so wonderful. Thank you for taking time out of your day today to talk with Susan and me. Susan, to you…you are one amazing woman. I am honored to have participated.
    Hugs to all…off to come back down to earth and make dinner 😉

  15. I bet it was a wonderful chat. I somehow missed it all! I suppose that I was on the wrong page. I was truly looking forward to it and am disappointed. I’m told it is replayed somewhere but am not sure where.
    Well, I’d still like to be considered for the free book. I RSVP’d for the chat, even though I never did get there. Thank you

  16. I had a great time. I feel like I came home. It was very encouraging. Susan thank you too, for your comments to me. I am now your fan on Facebook. Looking forward to the next one. Thank You!!!!

  17. What aq wonderful chat you all had. Somehow I got the time wrong. Will join the next chat.
    Looking forward to purchasing the book.
    Desert Star

  18. This was a synchronistic moment for me – finding someone who is, like me, both a social worker and an artist who has melded both worlds in such an inspirational way. Thank you!

  19. Oops. I left my comment a couple of posts up. Sorry. I’ve been having a ball on your ning site. Lots of new stuff to stir the creative juices.

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