I went to Jane Wynn’s blog today. She talked about her desire to paint again and how reading magazines about artist’s can rock her world. I so related to this statement. I told my editor I am trying to take a diet from my usual readings, so I can find the voice inside me without feeling like this book has to be a certain "way" to fit in.

I also understood what Jane meant when I read this, " I love to paint. I don’t know really what I am doing as I have mentioned before- not
having taken a real class on oil painting- BUT I do know it makes be
feel electric inside!" 

I completely agree, I use acrylic but love quick dry potential and the layers upon layers that reveal elements and details. I especially feel this when I am doing my Painting Your Heart Out paintings. When I unleash on the newsprint, It is like stretching a muscle or riding a bike and gets me ready for the day. It unlocks a door to my creative essence as there are no mistakes in that world. The warm up is critical.


I can’t show you any of the work for the book just yet, but I am going to include a little teaser clip. I loved this piece, my friend came over and said, "she looks petulant." I am not sure why…but I love that word! I don’t see her that way at all, I personally think she is wild, untamed and free, but that is exactly what I believe about art. It touches something within us and that is the subjective projection we see, not necessarily the artists vision or feeling. Check out Jane’s blog. She is one amazing artist!

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  1. yes, yes, Sheri. I have spent way too much time this summer looking at other people’s art via books, magazines and blogs. I need to take a break from it to get back in touch with ME.

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