I am on a labyrinth quest, and thus far it has been an
amazing journey.  My desk at work
is now surrounded by small scaled labyrinths: my coffee mug, my finger
labyrinth, a metallic labyrinth sticker which sits at the base of my computer,
and a photo of a labyrinth that I built a couple of years ago with two
friends.  These mementos are
reminders of the incredible sense of peace, joy, and self awareness that I find
when I walk the labyrinth, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to walk
labyrinths now in many different settings.


Most would describe me as quiet and reserved, but get me
talking about the labyrinth and watch out,
you might just need an hour to listen to my stories as I can barely contain
myself. I was skeptical when I first walked; not sure what I was supposed to
do, what would happen, how I would feel, but as I allowed myself to open to the
experience and remain present, I found that with each walk I discovered a
deeper sense of connection to myself, to my surroundings, to others. And now, I
can’t stop walking.

Five years ago, I’d never walked a labyrinth and now the
labyrinth turns up in my life in all kinds of ways. I’ve been to labyrinth
workshops in Denver and Morgantown, Indiana, yep the heartland of America. I’ve
walked alone and with 400 others; in an urban setting and by a small mountain
creek; on all kinds of labyrinths painted on a canvas, mowed in the grass, made
out of pavers or masking tape or bundles of sticks or carefully placed rocks;
inside a building and out in the landscape.  I’ve walked with friends and I’ve walked with strangers.
I’ve walked to celebrate birthdays or just settle my head. And I can honestly
say that there’s no right way to walk; every experience has been fulfilling and
enlightening in its own way. I have met so many new and interesting people
along the path and I look forward to meeting many more.

In three weeks, Jo Ann Mast will be coming to Carbondale to
host a workshop on the labyrinth.
Jo Ann is a Master Teacher for Veriditas,
which is a California, based not-for-profit dedicated to introducing people to
the healing, meditative powers of the labyrinth. Jo Ann was my teacher at a
labyrinth facilitator training, and I am so excited that she has agreed to come
and share her labyrinth experiences with our community. In addition to her
teachings, Jo Ann will be bringing her canvas labyrinth, which we will unfold
in the round room of the Third Street Center. For any of you that have ever
been in the round room, it’s a fabulous space all on it’s own and I can’t wait
to feel the energy hum with the labyrinth canvas centered on the floor.


So if you’ve walked before come join us to deepen the
experience. And if you’ve never walked, but have been wondering what’s all the
buzz, come and walk with us. There’s always something new to learn on the path.
And if you don’t know who I am, I’ll be the one dancing through the labyrinth unable
to contain my joy as the lights die down.