Photo of me age 3. practicing my curtsy for just this moment…Complete with skinned knee!

I am ready to go! As I fly off into the sunset, otherwise known as the big girl panty demo photoshoot, I thought I would share with you a little bit about my week.

Monday-Wake at dawn heart racing wondering why I have purchased such an enormous box that I have completely filled with photo shoot supplies that no one-including the hubby can lift! Drink waaay too much coffee awaiting the stroke of 9:00 when the local packing supply store opens.  Race to the packing store, look through window like a lost puppy begging for a home until they let me in so I can buy smaller boxes and popcorn. First client 10 AM. Race home, frantically remove all supplies from massive box, tape together new boxes, stuff them and finish just as I see the first client of the day pulling up in the driveway. Work with clients and during lunch make sure that every item needed is in the box. 3PM race between several different UPS drop offs in a spring blizzard until I can find one that will in fact take my 3rd party shipment and make sure it absolutely positively will be there on time! Return home, with cracked windshield from rock hitting my car during the blizzard and sink into a hot bath with lavendar bath salts and candles.

Tuesday-Decide not to go skiing to regroup from a weekend of 14 hour days, as I fear arriving at NL for the demo shoot in a florescent pink cast, which  would not look good for the hand photographs. Instead I head to the Glenwood Hot Springs and soak and swim my stress away. Return home to an email from dear Claudine who has volunteered to give her coach a coaching session about what to expect for the demo photo shoot week. We have some much needed hysterics as I tell her that I have completely over prepped and she assures me that with what I have done in advance, it will take 2 days and not 6 and they will likely send me home early! Before we hang up I tell her this cowgirl is going for her second ever manicure-suggested in the author’s manual-and she runs to her bathroom to get me the correct polish that she has worn for all her books. I now feel ready to go, knowing that my 48 year old hands, might just look as pretty as Claudines!

Wed-Saturday were calm, cool and collected. I spent Wed and Thursday downloading and backing up the art and manuscript. Received a lovely Bon Voyage, congratulatory good luck email from Susan Tuttle. I searched 4 different stores for Claudine’s recommended nail polish, to no avail. Not surprising here in rural-ville. Got a sweet color using her suggestion as a guideline. Friday I had my girlie-girl day, which my mom donated to the cause. When my mom heard the word manicure she ran to the post office to send me a support check. It’s every Jewish mom’s dream that their "country girl"-as she calls me-will polish their nails. The highlights were a bit shocking, but I have been assured that I don’t look green in the face, which is good. The hubby said, "WOW there’s a blond in the house." My brother has taken to calling me Pamela Anderson, but I promise it’s not that blond!

All in all it’s been a blast. Stay tuned I will be sending up dates with photos of what we are up to in the studio! I may even have a shot of Tonia meeting me at the hotel with a Hummer due to the amount of of boxes I shipped out in advance! Little does she know…I am still hording my paints which are coming with me on the plane. It should be a ton of fun!