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Socially conscious spending month!

Now that Black Friday has thankfully passed us by, I have decided to dedicate December to helping clients and readers make some financially responsible guilt-free buying decisions during the holidays. Over the next few weeks, I will feature some cool sustainable gift giving ideas, that will allow you to feel good about the circle of giving.

I found a great article today as I reviewed my stats and saw a link in to someone Googling for gratitude and conscious buying. I am going to post a small excerpt here and if you are interested in reading the entire article you can link to Penny Nickel here.


Think before you buy!  A wallet-sized reminder of your priorities

I stumbled across something on-line recently that I think is absolutely fantastic: a credit/debit card sleeve [PDF]  from the Center for the New American Dream that serves as a reminder to buy less and think about your values while shopping.

Just click on  the link, print it out, cut on the dotted line, and tape it up.  Then put your card(s) inside, and  you’ll see the questions every time you pull out your credit/debit card  to charge something.  This is what’s on the sleeve: READ MORE…

Contribute: Think globally…think sustainably…Where will you spend your holiday dollars this year?