Sheri and DreamWeaver Sunday

It will be 10 years in May since DreamWeaver Sunday and I began our journey together.

Yesterday was the culmination of a lot of learning. I’ve had to learn to trust mySELF with her and know that I could be a good partner for her. She is my first horse partner. There have been many tears, a lot of wondering if I had what it takes to help her, and listening to – and going against – advice that intuitively I felt was not a match.

I went to the ranch, to feed Sunday her lunch. While she was eating, I played fetch with Osa across from Sunday’s paddock where she could watch us. I put Osa back in her crate and when Sunday was finished eating, she walked halfway to the fence. She stopped and looked at me.

I thought maybe she wanted to go out and flirt with the boys, so I grabbed her halter out of the car.
As I walked toward her, I stopped, as it was clear she was “saying” something else. There was a visceral feeling radiating from her.

I walked to the fence and she came to me. Her energy was quiet and still. She didn’t go to the gate and push on it, which is her signal to go out of the big arena to flirt. I got the sense she just wanted to BE with me and so barely breathing, I lowered the halter and met her. She walked to the fence and placed her head about 3 inches from my arm and stopped.

I stood there with her for almost 30 minutes feeling her warm breath on my bare and freezing hands, as she moved closer and closer to me as if she could not get close enough. She was dozing on and off and once in a while would bump me as she entered that deeper state of relaxation. There were moments when I was holding my breath, as I did not want to impact the profound and tender moment.

As prey animals, horses rarely sleep lying down and when they do, there is a Sentinal, that watches over the horses that are in deep REM. As I stood there heart breathing with my mare, I felt myself her Sentinal. At that moment, I knew that she was sharing with me the work I’ve been doing on mySELF, has allowed her to feel more deeply connected to my BEing.
As I write this, I still feel the heart energy that was swirling between us.


I can’t tell you what a HUGE moment this was for us. I will honestly remember that moment for the rest of my life.
I took this photo of us together to remind me that sometimes all she and I need is to simply BE.