It's been a busy time getting our new hometown studio up and running. We've only been open 3 weeks and we have already sponsored 3 workshops! WOOO hOOO! This weekend my partner Toni and I worked on the first draft of our brochure. We still have a couple of things to add, but here is a sneak peak. Download Brochure 

This week's agenda is to flesh out our mission statement and take a good look at what we do and who we want to serve. It's a valuable exercise and I highly recommend it to everyone who is in a small business setting…yep even us artists! It will help you to understand your demographic, which helps with targeting your market and brand.

As an artist I have always had a bit of resistance to things like business plans, etc…UG….toooo left brained. But I am really coming to see them in a new light, as kind of an EnVision statement of their own. I can now see that it was fear that was keeping me from tackling this important exercise and it feels really empowering to actually feel like I want to DIVE into the process. Here's how we started. I don't know that this would make it into board rooms across the world, but I believe so much can be accomplished with crayons and a marker or two!


From here we were able to take it to the next level and make it a little more…black and white. My new frame for all of this left-brained activity is that it's another form of intention setting and here's a little secret…IT'S WORKING!!!!! Two VERY synchronistic things aligned last week to help us support our vision/mission. Two facilitators have found their way to us and will help us manifest two classes that we are very excited about.

Mandala Studio wants to welcome Tanya Y. Black who has joined our team brings with her, her delicious creativity and Level 1 Certification in the BIrthing From Within class and experience as a mother of two beautiful girls. Tanya and I are facilitating the Transformational Birthing Through Creativity class and we had a wonderful time with the beautiful blooming Goddesses, who are sharing their journey's with us. Here are some photos from our first class. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

If you are looking for support to get your mission statement or business plan going, give me a ring. There are also wonderful free resources available on the internet, including the Open Forum at American Express.

IMG_1611 Left to right: Laine, Rochelle and Judith work on their birth art

IMG_1614 Far Left: Co-Facilitator Tanya Y. Black

IMG_1615 Sharing the LOVE!