This is one of my favorite photos from last summer. I put it up because I am heading back over to Dava's this Sunday for brunch with my SWIRL girls sisters, writers-eaters group. 

So after months of musing on the topic…or maybe I should say chewing my nails to the quick, I just attended an online Typepad seminar with blog rock star Andy Wibbles.

As you know, I have been attempting to figure out how to create a useable-meaning I can maintain it myself-website that has a solid blend of coherency, professionalism and creativity. I spent a bundle trying out Word Press. Can I tell you how much I dislike it…YUCK! There, I said it! I have been a Typepad user for a long time now, figuring it all out the old fashioned way, through hair pulling and cursing at the computer screen, but for better or worse, so far, it really seems to be the way I need to go for now. 

The seminar was helpful as the focus was e-commerce…the next step to my small but growing biz. Looks like I can integrate what I am already using-Paypal. I am sure there are a million other things that I can do including TP Widgets I don't already know about, but I am determined to figure this out.

My next step is going to be how to figure out how to make changes on the back end and then load the finished product…..if that is possible…
I highly recommend the free seminars for you ladies looking to increase your blog presence and yep…I know blogger and wp are free, but I am going to stay loyal for a little while and I am stick with TP professional level for now. 

Stay tuned…I'm off to figure out horizontal nav bars…isn't this web world interesting.