My Fresh Ideas journal

I just ran into an old acquaintance on the Internet! I love when this happens. Cyberspace continually blows my mind. Right after 9-11 I found an old friend I had not spoken with in 14 years on a list-serve   for art therapists. I just found Lisa Hoffman, by surfing around on some blogs. Are you looking for inspiration today? If you are, go to her site and see her studio wall of inspiration!

I had a client who would create storyboards of colors and images that she would use in her journals. It helped her to stay in the groove and if she felt blocked, she would glance up at the boards and go with one of the pre-designed color boards. Typically I will use my Fresh Ideas journal to capture thoughts and creative sparks. A friend of mine just corked a whole wall in her home studio after creating an idea wall in the conference room in her office. When I went to visit her at work one day, they had just had a brainstorming session and the wall was filled with quotes and colorful contributions!

Create it: Create your own color boards with textures, colors and images that inspire you or a wall like Lisa’s to get the juice flowing!