“The Law of Attraction meets The
Artist’s Way!”

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Early praise for Creative Awakenings:  Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams

by Sheri Gaynor, LCSW, REAT, Owner of Feisty Females Coaching and Consulting

North Light Books has released artist Sheri Gaynor’s first
book, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art.  The book has been described by one advance reader as “The Law of Attraction meets
The Artist’s Way,” is now available at your local booksellers and Amazon.

For everyone who has ever wanted to create a more rewarding
life, fueled by creative intention, Creative Awakenings is a trailblazing road map, a trusted guide, and a
tireless cheerleader.

Creative Awakenings follows the lives of 12 nationally known and extraordinarily
generous artists over the course of a year.
Each committed to engage
with the EnVision Art of Intention™ process, created by artist, life coach and
psychotherapist, Sheri Gaynor, for one month.  During that month, the participating artists were asked to
create artwork that expressed their truest intentions.  The resulting essays and inspired art
projects provide a creative spark to help readers rediscover a more expansive
and fulfilling way to live, fueled by creative intention.

This book is geared to anyone seeking to bring mindfulness,
intention and a creative process into their life. You do NOT have to be an
“artist” to read this book!
The author
provides something in these pages for everyone, including a surprise that
you’ll only discover by reading the book.

Contributing Artists:


Read an excerpt from Creative Awakenings

10 Responses

    could you hear that from way all the way back here on the east coast?
    well let me give it one more shot – listen up
    love and congratulations to you!

  2. Sheri~ I am blown away by your talent, your honesty and the beauty of your words. Can’t wait to read the entire book.
    Much love and best wishes!!!

  3. Thank you all SO much! This was a huge step and it was really exciting to put this up on line. JOYCE! Amazing!!! So great to hear from you. Please, please send me your email address. I would love to thank you personally for a few past life experiences. Beth…you are a gem. Anne…I feel them. BTW you are on your way!
    Love and hugs to all,

  4. WOW i dont even knw what to say!! that message is what i was suppose to hear today!! i have so many questions? can i ask them? oxoxo

  5. Hi Sheri! Congratulations on your book…’s not in my big box bookstore yet – in Canada so i need to order it! My facebook does not always work so i’m answering you here! I am very excited about my book Journal Bliss coming out in April. Guess what? Your book is one of 4 on the back page! I’m so excited to get a copy of your inspiring book.
    Love, Violette

  6. Thanks Violette, I got a sneak peak of yours when I was at North Light! It looks Fabulous. Congratulations to you too!! Can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

  7. Hi Sheri
    WOW! I can’t wait to get started. I am going for the whole year. I need the time to reconnect with me. I thought about it a little while ago, I have been taking care of other people since I was 18. Don’t get me wrong I love every one of them.My business has changed over the last year and I find I am not near as creative as I was when I started. The images are in my mind but I’ve been too tired to let them out. It has almost changed to a teaching business instead of a making and selling business. I’m ready to challenge myself to create againLoveCindy