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As I arrived at the labyrinth park last night, I came upon a woman and her dog, who had just finished a long jog. She recognized me and was attracted to Blue and wanted to hear more about his story. She asked if she and her dog could walk along with us and chat. Of course I said yes, as I have always admired the relationship she has with her dog.

As we followed the circular path, outlining the park, we talked of dogs and personal transitions that were happening in both our lives. And then we came upon the cairns. She stopped and pointed them out. I asked if she had walked the labyrinth. "What labyrinth," she asked. And it was then I knew our fates had entwined for some larger purpose that evening. She followed Blue and me through the tall, green meadow grasses and we came to the clearing that holds the labyrinth. She literally gasped. Before I could say another word she was inside the sacred circle, pacing with her hands on her heart. As she found her way, she listened to the story of how it came to be and was amazed at the synchronicity of the evening.

It was profound for me as well, as it was the night before our landscape workshop was to begin, highlighting creating intention in the natural world. We did not have enough sign-ups to make it a go- despite 3 wonderful and excited women who had signed up for it-leaving me feeling a bit sad, confused and lost. But suddenly in this amazing meeting, I had found my way. Those of us who created the labyrinth, believe that people find it, when they are ready…or truly need to have the experience. There are no signs, no maps and no printed directions to lead you to it. You simply stumble upon it, or are guided there by someone when synchronicity and timing is right.

Initially when we walked she had asked, "What if you don’t know what it is you want your dream is, or what you want to reach for?" As we said our goodbyes I hugged her and said, "Earlier you said you believed you did not know where you were headed, after you left the labyrinth, you shared the concrete steps you have taken to begin this new life adventure. The vision may not be crystal clear, but that is what intention is about. Follow the path you have started to walk, trust it will guide you and truly…not all who wander are lost."

And in that moment, I too was no longer lost or sad, as I was again reminded of what I believe, in the power, solace and beauty of the natural world, our answers can be found…if we are willing to listen and hear them.