Oh my…my suitcase looks a bit scary! Are they going to let me go through TSA, or am I going to wind up in some dark room locked away and never heard from again. Only time will tell. I always try to let them know in advance what might be inside. I find it takes the drama out of the entire experience, but this time even I think it looks strange…transparent masks AND duct tape.

A little tip for those who travel with creative items…always check it or send it in advance and put something inside that announces loud and clear what you are up to, so it looks professional. I always put the catalog or brochure from the event where I am teaching on the top, so if it gets opened, they can see what the heck all this stuff is for!

I will be back in the studio bright and early on Friday morning. The newsletter is on its way and I just found something REALLY AWESOME today, so more about that soon.

Talk to you soon!