On the way to buying blue fescue seed for the new berm we created out front, we passed by the dog shelter.  July will be 4 years since our beloved lab crossed over the rainbow bridge. Our hearts have been broken ever since. We tried a few dogs, but after the last one-who bit my friend-I had pretty much given up. It was my husband who was the hardest hit. Our former dog Feats was his, he trained her and she was an amazing dog. She became an informal therapy dog, spending many hours with me in my studio with clients and kids.

So after getting our grass seed, I asked Andy if he would be willing to just go look, and he said, "Yes!" Well, it’s a much longer story about how this happened, which is actually kind of funny, but I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, we have a new addition to our home. He is 80 pounds of toddler and love. His name? Since labs generally come with regal pedigrees, we decided he should be no different. Sir Blue Moon Fescue is his title because it’s once in a blue moon that you find an amazing dog on the way to buying fescue! He goes by the name of Blue. It makes things a lot simpler!

He has been with us since Friday night and is on a 10-day trial adoption, but I think we are in love at this point and there is no going back. I now know why women have children early in life, as he is 80 pounds of muscle and will, but this guy is smart and with some training-mostly for me I think-he is going to be a gift to our lives…he already is!