IMAGINE A PHOTO HERE…the airport wi-fi does not want me to load one 🙁

I am in DIA awaiting my plane to Los Angeles, the city of Angels and the phrase rings true as I head into a meeting with an "angel," about a long held intention. I remember Wayne Dyer saying a long time ago, don't spew your intentions, as they can dissipate before there is enough energy to bring them forth. I don't know if that's true, but I liked the concept enough to adopt it. I have learned to hold my intentions close to my heart and give it as much positive energy as I can, while at the same time working hard to keep myself unattached to the outcome. I know this is easy to say and not as easy to always do. Like most things, it is an act of trust and balance.

It is a tricky principle, somewhat Buddhist in nature, but after all these years of being an artist, I know that anything is possible in the realm of our intentions and dreams. The one thing I try hard to remember is that even if an outcome does not go the way I'd hoped, I truly do believe that it has happened for a reason that I may never know. I don't let it stop me, I just keep my purple boots pointed in a forward direction. It is an art for sure, but it really can be done.

How do you keep your toes pointed in a forward direction?