Hi everyone. I am so sorry I have been out of commission
since arriving home. I took a mental health day last Sunday and went skiing.
As I skied with my friend and her feisty 6 year old, I proceed to catch and
edge on the flats and the snow gremlin reached up and took me out. I slammed into the ground and jammed my thumb…yep, my writing hand, so typing has not
been very comfortable. Things are a bit better, I can now bend it, but after a
long day it's still a little sore.

I did want to welcome all our new Salon members!!! WOW! We hit the
200 mark while I was away and we are still growing. Today we had over 6 new
members from ireland join us! isn't that exciting! I am so thrilled to have you
all here and I promise as soon as I can…we have some exciting plans coming.

I will be editing April's podcast this week with Creative Awakenings Salon member, Creative Chick, Susan Robinson Sorrell and will have it posted on for you on
Monday. While your waiting, you might want to check out her site.


While in Florida, I got my daily morning dose of java at Starbucks, because there were no local shops in the area. I spent one morning talking
with this man who's name is David, a former jazz musician from "THE Village". I have always been a collector of stories and it seems that people have a desire to
share theirs with me which is how I first became a photojournalist and later a psychotherapist. I love capturing this kind of moment. I just love this image of David, it shouts….MIAMI!

Okay, my thumb is screaming, time to get the ice! Talk to you soon…