Interestingly I have noticed that very often my practice has a theme that runs through it for the week. Call it the Collective Unconscious in action, but it always sends a shiver up my spine! This weeks theme was about letting our lights shine and standing in the spotlight.

Maybe it was the Olympics that inspired this topic, seeing those shining smiles and tears, as the athletes stood upon the podium, after years and years of hard work.
It takes a similar amount of courage, persistence, dedication and a huge amount of flexibility, when we are reaching for our dreams. For many of us, it takes years of baby steps in the direction of our stated intention and then suddenly, there we are standing before the crowd with our gold in hand. Some of us are able to soak in the moment and let our brilliant light shine, for others, it’s a challenge, a growing edge they must lean into.

I leave tomorrow for a visit to family, so I will be signed off the blog for the week. I wanted to leave you with this little reminder to sing along while I am gone.

It’s time fellow Feisty Females…let’s all practice letting our brilliant lights shine!

Do you know someone who struggles with letting their light shine? Forward them this post!

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