“I savored the playful life giving energy of this book and Sheri’s unique way of letting art help live into our intentions. This is a fertile, intimate and nourishing exploration. You will find yourself being drawn into envisioning your own dreams but even more exciting, you’ll discover things you didn’t dare dream. And I loved the stories.”

~Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer, www.jenniferlouden.com 

Amazon.com Reviews and Raves

“Over the past year, I’ve been on a journey to rediscover myself and it hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve dealt with cobwebs I would have rather left alone, found myself completely out of balance and off-kilter, discovered there was an overcast about me that needed a daily dose of “gratitude-attitude”, and realized that it was time to replenish a well that had run dry years ago. On top of all that, I realized that I had been depriving myself of something that always helped me deal with life in a more healthy, more productive, more positive way—my art.”

I Recommend

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“So when I discovered Sheri’s book,Creative Awakenings: Envisioning The Life Of Your Dreams Through Art: Envisioning The Life Of Your Dreams Through Art, this week, I just had to get it and I’m glad I did. The irony is that the technique discussed in her book is something that I’ve been slowly implementing in my own life—over the course of the past year—so I could have testified to its success even before I had read the book or learned of the process!”

“That being said, Sheri offers a three-step approach to achieving our dreams and becoming the people we’ve always envisioned ourselves to be—especially if we were on the right track at one time and sort of lost our way.”

  1. Envision your dream. By allowing your intuition to take foot, you will be able to let go of the daily stress of life and the responsibilities that way you down, thus freeing your mind to think more clearly.
  2. Use images instead of words. Words can sometimes block the receptors of the brain, causing us to stop and think about things instead of allowing our intuition to move forward. By sifting through images, we allow the images to speak to our souls, thus bringing us one step closer to healing and one step closer to finding our true selves.
  3. Take real time to reflect on your art. Don’t just look at it and try to come up with a quick, snappy tagline or title for your art, but actually listen to your art. What is it saying to you?

“While Sheri understands that it only takes 30 days to break a habit and make a new one, she also understands that for the human soul to fully recover, to heal and move forward, 30 days just isn’t enough time so she’s come up with a 12 month plan, complete with a “Creative Awakenings Visa Application” in which you must sign. It’s a step that tells your inner-self that you’re serious about rediscovering yourself, of finding your true purpose, and of fulfilling your own personal dreams—not the dreams of your boss or your spouse or your family for that matter, but your dreams.”

Copyright 2009, Sheri Gaynor
Leap © Sheri Gaynor, 2009

“In Sheri’s words, “to change any habit we must fully embody the new lifestyle so that we feel the changes on a cellular level”—and that just cannot be done in a 30 day time-frame. Believe me, I’ve tried! Old habits pop back far too easily and self-doubt creeps in when we least expect it.”

“What I really like about Sheri’s process is that she doesn’t expect you to bulldoze through your emotions in order to reach some specific goal, she wants you to fully engage in the process—no matter how difficult it may be—so that you can come out the other side, stronger, bolder, healthier, happier, and with a clarity of mind that only you can give to yourself. “It’s an adventure, not a destination,” says Sheri. “It’s a process, not perfection.”

“And to help you get there, she’s created a “Transformation Deck” that allows you to envision, create, believe, write, live, and re-envision your life’s purpose. Each deck includes a word or phrase: abundance and prosperity, balance, believe, gratitude, procrastination, release the reins, replenish the well, rise from the ashes, and so on. Your goal is to pick one card, and spend the next 30 days creating an “art of intention” canvas. Every day you’re to add something to the canvas, based upon the card’s theme. Then at the end of the 30 days, you’re to reflect upon the canvas and journal your thoughts.”

“It’s a remarkable book that’s truly personalized. As you read the book, you’ll discover that you’re not on the journey alone. Sheri took several artists on the journey and published their art, their journal entries, and their reflections in the book so that you have someone to relate to, so that you could see the process in action, so that you know it’s not just theory but really works—when practiced.”

“Some of the artists got real and shared so much of themselves that you walk away thinking you’ve made some good friends—even though you’ve never met them or held a two-sided conversation with them. Other artists are so guarded that you don’t really see a change, let alone a transformation. In a way, that’s a good thing because it allows you to see how different personalities work in the system.”

In the end, you’ll learn to:

“Yep, you’ve read that last one right! Sprinkled throughout the book are several art techniques complete with step-by-step photos, a tools list, and how-to instructions. I really like this approach because it’s like getting a two-for-one deal—a self-help book and an art book!”

“If you’re ready to change your life, for the better, and use art as a therapeutic method, you’ll want to get a copy of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning The Life Of Your Dreams Through Art: today.” Review Posted 2/28/09 by: Alyice Edrich

“I wrote a review for Creative Awakenings by Sheri Gaynor, and
submitted it to
today.  I’ve never done this before (post a review on someone else’s
page), but the book excited me, as does the amazing way Sheri is promoting
herself. Self promotion used to have negative connotations for me, but I now
believe that you can empower and enrich lives, including your own, by being
willing to put yourself out there. It’s theatre, really, along with game
playing, artfulness, and humor. LOTS of humor. Those brazen cowboy boots
(purple!) of Sheri’s are walking all over the Internet, I daresay, but they are
walking alongside people instead of over them!”

“I’m going to share my review
here, as well. It needed to stay under 250 words, which made it tough, because
I had a lot more to say, including the fact that Gaynor’s processes closely
resemble my own personal methods of artmaking. She also echoes my passion for
empowering others to embrace their creative possibilities. The thing is, she
does it with such verve! It brings to mind the vintage
Carol Burnett shows, where Carol pounds
on her chest and emits those exuberant (some might say deafening) Tarzan calls.
You must possess a certain confidence to pull off something like that. 
Sheri also displays that aplomb, and it beckons like a beacon to like-minded


Creative Awakenings honors the twelve months of
Sheri Gaynor’s life when she ran away from home in order to recover her
“authentic self.” She wanted a creative awakening, so she both imaginatively
and physically embarked on a journey that would encourage personal
transformation. Gaynor now offers a map for others to employ as a guide for
discovering, or heightening, their own creative powers. The journey starts with
a threefold assignment to (1) uncover and EnVision a dream (2) create
empowering art to strengthen your intention to follow that dream and (3)
reflect on your art to invite a dialogue that elucidates and deepens the dream.”

“Gaynor invited guest artists to
embrace the process she developed, and they are amazingly open and generous in
sharing the experiences of their assigned month, including art techniques. The
book closes with a vibrant, pullout
Transformation Deck to help tweak the subconscious into revelation mode.”

“I highly recommend this book to
those Feisty Females out there who are ready to kick up their heels, shout
“Wooo Hoooo,” and stomp all over the “Venomous Toad Committee” that always has
pins poised to prick their dream bubbles. Gaynor is right on the trail with us,
spurring us on. You cannot miss the shine glancing off her vibrant cowboy
boots, or the invitation she is holding out, for a life filled with passion and
Review Posted 2/27/09 by Carol Wiebe

bought Sheri’s new book as a birthday present to myself. I can’t put it down,
it goes everywhere with me…it makes me hungry for more. It’s the inspiration
that’s been missing all of these years!” ~ Beth M.

“It’s here, it’s here!!!  Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art. This is the book that I participated in, by Sheri Gaynor. It is now available and I have my very own copy which was sent to me by the publisher. And oh is it sweet. I have to brag on myself just a little bit here because the background of the front cover is from the art I made and that lil gold fish (used throughout the book) is also from my art. He or she (the goldfish) symbolizes a “coming up for air” moment for me. It is incredibly synchronistic because Sheri has long used goldfish imagery in her workshops and even gives goldfish mementos to attendees. Of course I didn’t know this till after I made the art. Don’t you just love this kind of connection? “

“So anyway, back to the book. It is a *must have*. And I’m not saying that just cause I’m in it. Seriously, Sheri is a very skilled psychotherapist who is also an artist. She is my on and off coach, I only say on and off because she coaches me sporadically these days , mainly when I get so wigged out I can no longer deal. She is brilliant and insightful and funny to boot. Plus she is an artist. She 
gets it.” 

“No matter what your aspirations or experience level, if you have a dream, grab a copy of Sheri’s book and get to work. Sheri’s book provides a guided process that will help you to not only set your intentions but to also move forward with your journey. Plus you get to read stories of journeys (like mine) and that of other artists such as Susan TuttleKatie KendrickJuliana ColesClaudine HellmuthJane Wynn and more.”

“I can’t wait to curl up with a kitty (or two or three) by a nice warm fire and read this one from start to finish.” ~Mary Beth Shaw, Creative Awakenings Featured Artist

“OMG!  I just got my mail and your baby is here!!! It’s SO awesome!! I wish I could take a week off work and really go through it now!  I just love it!  This is perfect timing (and for everyone else!).  I love the layout and the categories and the promise of the great, mystery journey!!!”
“Just had to write and tell you how excited I am for you!  One thought I had was “man, this is going to put her into the stratosphere!”  I hope you’re ready…. it’s your time you Feisty Woman!”
“Thank you, too, for the lovely message to me in the front:) I’ll cherish it!!” ~ Rachael

“Just got my book, this might just be one I read cover to cover!” ~Maria Davis, MDCreates

Sheri~ I received my book today!!!!!!! I don’t know what my expectations were…Whatever they were, they were so completed exceeded! It is absolutely beautiful and amazing! I am in awe, and so moved by the colors, words, ideas, images, and details on every page. I could not be more happy for you!” ~Beth N.

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  1. Hi Sherri,
    I purchased creative awakenings because I had a longing to do some art as a form of theraphy as a sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder. I had been finding it hard for one minute to be able to put my obsessions & fears to one side let alone long enough to create art. However just a few hours after reading your book & sitting down with paper I held in my hands my first art of intention, the tears came then, along with a feeling of acheivement & hope for the future. Although it is still an uphill struggle, your book has helped me heaps on my journey to recovery. Here’s to being fiesty! You truly are an inspiration..

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