Rochelle and I collaborated with True Nature Healing Arts for an Earth Day Celebration. TNHA showed a provocative and beautiful film created by Dr. Will Evans. Most people in the room felt inspired by the film. I felt intense sorrow. I was happy I could move the energy into the expressive art activity we had planned for the evening. Trash into symbolic beauty.

In response to the film, Rochelle and I created an Earth Day Guerilla Art Totem with a little help from some of the participants from the event. The totem was made from trash collected at the studio for one week with some from the surrounding grounds at 3rd St. 

The inscription on the totem reads…Healing, Consciousness and Hope. 

Through the creative process, in one evening I moved from sorrow to inspiration…Art moves energy.

I'm inspired to review my life style and eating habits…Earth Day…Everyday…    

Need some HOPE? Download Applied Hope Letter by Amory Lovins, Cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Amory was featured in the film.