With gypsy in my blood, road trips have always been the shot in the arm I need to get my creative juices flowing again. Living in a small mountain town breeds cabin fever winter or summer and I find it critical that I leave here every now and then to get a broader view of life beyond my mountain walls. 

Last weekend I went to visit Wendy, a feisty soul sister, to check out some potential retreat spots. We had a lovely weekend being both city and mountain girls. I am a blend of both, so I also need a little urban fix to recharge my city gal batteries. Culture, culture, culture, and a little big city art shopping.

The potential retreat spot is gorgeous as well as nurturing and healing. I will be taking the next few months to choose and plan our our first offering.  We want to make the first one out of the gate something Feisty women will remember! Ooooh, I can hardly wait. I will need it after a full year of creating the book of my dreams!