It has been a busy week with all things technology. I am pushing my learning curve and kind of missing the simplicity of times past when there was paint and paper…only. 

I created several videos this week. One large project for Week One of the Creative Awakenings Inaugural Dream Circle telegathering and this one…for friends and family.

The opening was one of those life moments you know you will never forget. I sold out the books I had in the first hour and we took orders for more. The love of my community, friends, clients and students present and past filled me to capacity. As I looked into the faces of the women who had worked with me in one way or another-over my 20 years in this Valley-I came to realize what I have always said, my work with women truly is a co-creative process. In that moment, I understood that without my students and clients, and their willingness and courage to step into the unknown, this book may never have been written.  I realized how many threads of their creative life journey's are woven into the pages of Creative Awakenings. I felt humbled and indebted.

Watching the unfolding of the creativite process from children and adults alike, was the highlight of the night for me. We opened the evening with blank canvas and one by one, a line was painted, a scribble drawn, a word written. By the end of the evening, the walls looked like a modern version of the cave of Lascaux and we had 3 large murals filled with creative community spirit. 

Thanks you 'Bonedale for an extraordinary evening. I would not be here without all of you!

If you buy one of the 10 limited edition fine art Giclee prints in the show in the month of February, 30% is given back to CCAH! Here is a sneak preview…

Blisslarge copy

Replenishcardfinal copy



I hope you enjoy the video!