We had a glorious week of activities at the studio. 

Our two graduating classes from the Transformational Birth program came for a reunion picnic with their beautiful new babes. The women shared their birth powerful experiences and were able to support one another in healing challenges.  

It was a gift having such new life in our space, reflecting the new seeds we are planting each day in our space. Our next class begins: 

Fall 2010: Tuesdays, September 21 – October 12, 6 – 8 p. 

New friends Lotus Pearl and Ruby "cha cha"  share a moment 


New Mom's share the journey 

As I move into the Third Spiral of my life, I see a beautiful circle of mentorship evolving in the most natural way, as our students become facilitators for our programs. It brings me such joy to participate in this circle of life.

On Wednesday, the studio was filled with beautiful music as Muse Whisperer Barry Chapman and Paul Bartels shared some time together jamming. Barry played the keyboards and Paul the sax. It was their first time together and the sound was fantastic.

Friday was also a busy day with heART Yoga in the morning and Open Studio in the afternoon.
From heART Yoga: by Sheri Healing Dualities  

Dancer and Pilate's instructor Alexandra stopped by Open Studio Friday to finish a gift for a friend, with her unique product..healing slippers 

And finally to close an extraordinary week, a walk with dear friends…soul sisters… on a labyrinth designed by my dear friend Toni under the Capricorn Full Moon. This moon is all about severing old ties and old beliefs that no longer serve us. "Expect some surprising truths to be revealed and announcements or statements of aggression to herald in during this cycle! The benefit of a nearly complete Cardinal Grand Square is that a desire to aspire to the highest form of stabilization will be evident." I did some pretty powerful work last night on those topics.  

Thank you Janice for having us walk with you on your sacred and magical labyrinth.

Along the way many lessons have already been learned and I am learning to be kind to myself and remember it's going to be messy and organic as the studio evolves and continues to grow. To those of you who have come to play with us. Thanks for your patience and support. And for those of you yet to stop by…here's what's happening this week

Much love,



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  1. I shine thinking that this is what you have manifested dear one. That this is how you spend your days. You are walking in the dream of your creation and I applaud this. Fun to know beautiful you! Blessings.