Work with Me

Discover Your Path

My work is devoted to empowering individuals, businesses and organizations just like you, to problem solve through experiential modalities, enhancing creative innovation. ~Sheri

Because life isn’t “one size fits all,” I offer different opportunities to meet my client’s needs. The place to begin is with a Discovery Session so we can determine the best path forward.  

Opportunities include

  • Individual Coaching and Psychotherapy
  • Private Retreats and Training Immersions
  • Community Partnerships
  • Supervision and Mentorship

Let’s connect to determine the right fit for you.


Private Retreats and Immersions The Equus-heART custom retreats and immersions are designed to meet you right where you are. We begin with a discovery session to determine “what’s calling you,” and co-create an experience that will fill your heart and replenish your soul.


Expressive Arts Creativity is the root of innovation and problem-solving. Creative expression supports us in expanding our awareness and opening our hearts to new ways of seeing the world.


Equine Facilitated Learning Imagine partnering with a wise, sentient sage, who will support you in deepening your relationship to yourself. Partnering with horses enhances self-confidence and creative innovation, and expands your intuitive knowing.

Individual Coaching + Counseling

We all have a story waiting to unfold.

We begin with a Discovery Session to determine your heARTS desire. Together we uncover the path forward and what modalities will best support your stated intention. Coaching is possible by in-person , by telephone, through conference calls and through custom designed intensive retreats.

Community Partnerships

My passion is partnering with like-minded therapists, businesses, schools, and organizations. The spirit of collaboration broadens opportunities for all concerned and creates new possibilities for serving our community. Please let me know how I can support you.

Supervision and Mentorship

Are you hearing the call to bring the power of experiential modalities into your work? I offer consultation services to professionals who are interested in learning how to bring this exciting, transformative and creative work into their practice with clients.