As one year ends and another begins, it is important to reflect on what has transpired-both the positive experiences, as well as the negative. Celebrate your success and lay to rest the challenges, by creating an intention of consciousness.

Today in the studio we created Seeds of Intention Pouches. I have created a QuickTime Slideshow to show you how to create your own. 
It is simple. Here is what you will need:

-Recycle your tea bags! Use a tea bag and let it dry completely. 
-Gently cut open the longest end and remove the dried contents. You now have your pouch to fill! NOTE: My preference for pouches are my friend Richard's Rosenfeld's teas called Two Leaves and a Bud, because their bags are translucent and beautiful! Not only that the teas are delicious, however any bag will do.
-Seeds from your garden or unused seed pouches from last summer
-A needle and colored thread
-Beads and baubles
-A slip of colored paper to write on

1. With contents removed place your seeds inside the tea bag
2. Place beads, colored glass or personal symbology inside the tea bag
3. Find a comfortable spot. Take some time to breathe and review the past year. Notice what you see, both negative and positive. Allow the negative images to fade, as you focus on the positive. Celebrate your success and allow that to move through your entire body. Really feel that joy. Now imagine a path that lies ahead of you. Notice your surroundings. You will only be able to see just to the horizon, it's okay, take one step and as you walk, imagine what lies ahead. What would you like to create this year in your life, relationships and career. Just dream…there is no right or wrong way to do this. Let it all in, even if it seems…dare I say, "CRAZY!"  Now take a picture with your imagination, so you will remember all you have seen. Open your eyes.
4. Pick up your slip of paper and write your intentions for 2009. YEP all of them, no matter how wild they might be. No one will know they are there except you. After you have finished writing. Take a deep breath and read back what you have written. If it feels right to you, fold it up with the colored side facing out and place it in the bag. 
5. Take out your needle and thread and with one hand, close the open seam together. Begin sewing your intention pouch closed. With each stitch, you are to let go of something from the past year and if need be, give yourself or someone else, love and forgiveness. 
6. If the tag on your tea bag is covered, you can take it off and create your own. On the tag on one side you will write 2009, on the other side Seeds of Intention.
7. Place your Intention Pouch somewhere you will see it every day. Each day, you can reflect on the intentions that lie within your Pouch.
8. Mark your calendars for July 1. Take your seeds of intention pouch and open it. Plant your seeds in the ground. Re-read your stated intention. If you feel ready, you can bury the intention in the ground next to your seeds, or you can place your intention in another sacred spot to re-read next January.

Seeds of Intention Article Copyright 2008 Sheri Gaynor

I hope you enjoy this, I am going to make it a ritual with clients and for myself. 

Please feel free to share this, but I ask you credit me and embed the site. 

Happy New Year everyone….