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In my work with addicts we talk about “turning it over to our higher power.” It’s a pretty simple mantra, but a much more difficult practice for most of us. Can I trust that there is something beyond mySELF that can lead the way? In my 26 years of sobriety, I’ve come to know this mantra in a pretty intimate way.  I have also learned the tango that is the daily balance of creating intention and taking action. For me, it’s really about knowing when to get out of my own way.

For the last four years my friend Carol Shure and I have talked about collaborating and weaving our processes. Carol is a Constellation facilitator, I am a therapist, wanna-be-cowgirl and expressive arts therapist (it’s a mouthful!).  Timing is everything and a month ago we created our first offering. At the same time, we decided that we would offer a constellation with horses experience to the men I work with at Jaywalker Lodge, to see how it would be received.

The constellation with the Jaywalker men, was extraordinary. As with so much of my work, giving word to what’s experiential and visceral, is challenging at best. Carol and I both work in the field. What does this mean? A simple explanation is: “Fields are something that we cannot see, but we can see or experience the effects that these fields have on our lives.”  But truthfully, it’s much bigger than that.  Carol’s work, in particular, involves the Morphic field and the more I come to understand this particular field, the more I understand that this is likely why horses are such amazing healers. For a more in-depth understanding you can read more here.

This photograph speaks a thousand words…As I said, what Carol and I facilitated with the men that day is beyond concrete description; but what I can share is that what I witnessed could never have been scripted or even predicted, and that’s the way it has been since I’ve started collaborating with these amazing, sentient beings.

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Carol and I will be facilitating a Constellation with Horses on June 22, 2017. This date is sold out, but we have started a waiting list. We will be offering another Constellation with Horses on July 16, 2017. If you are curious about this profound work, feel free to contact me, I am happy to share more about it with you!

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