Lately I have been reading about business and specifically business growth. I am recognizing that my business is quite simply in that gangly adolescent stage. You know the stage when we are in an awkward growth stage and our feet look way too big for our bodies?  We have all been there, that is for sure. What I am coming to recognize is that our businesses also go through this stage and mine is there. This has caused me to do some soul searching and some research in regards to graceful growth.

In my reading I have come to understand that every successful business reaches this point. We are squeezing out of our old boots, yet we might not be fully ready to go out and purchase a brand new pair.  And so we try for awhile to continue to wear those boots until our feet are sore and great big hole has formed at the bottom. It is at this point that we might begin to see that we are only treading water and in doing so, not able to attend to the growth aspect of things. Sound familiar to anyone? 

This is exactly where I find myself and although I might love my purple boots and I am great at floating in the pool-just ask my husband who sinks like concrete-I am not interested in treading water as that takes way too much energy and I know it will lead to burn out. Something had to give. The book acceptance pushed me over the edge to the beautiful place of surrender.

So..I crunched the numbers, formulated a budget, placed my ad and I am now hiring a part-time assistant and a bookkeeper. WOW! I am kind of still in awe of it all. Two women who will come on-board and join the feisty team.  My bookkeeper starts next week! Hooray. I know I tell you all to learn your Quickbooks, money management is critical, but after doing it myself for 10 years, I am feeling ready to hand it over to someone who can support me in this way on a monthly basis. If you do use a bookkeeper, don’t completely let go of the reigns, it is still YOUR business and your money to manage. I still haven’t hired my assistant, but I have come to understand that I need someone local to work with me. This was a big decision and I have huge respect for Virtual Assistants-I have used a few-but we have to evaluate our needs and mine are more close to home with my teaching schedule and travel. I have several interviews this week-but I am already wondering how I ever lived without them.

Each day I see beautiful Monarch butterflies dancing in my landscape. I feel like they come to remind me that part of the beauty of owning our own businesses are the on-going stages of transformation and that even when the risks look too big, we can lean into those risks, reach for them and fly with ease, grace and beauty. One thing is for sure…being a female-preneur it isn’t boring!

WRITE IT: How can you fly with more ease and grace this week in your business?
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