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I woke up this morning thinking about a question that came up during last nights FANTABULOUS LIveChat on the FAMM network. We had 58 + wonderful creative women on our chat. You can still read the chat transcript here. Look for "Watch Replay." 

During the call someone asked, "How do you stay so positive when thing around us are so difficult," or something to that effect. I took me a minute to answer, as I really wanted to think about that. I have not always been this person. Really, I have not. I used to be largely fear based and pretty dang pessimistic. There were actually days I felt like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown with my very own personal dark cloud. It took a lot of hard work, some wonderful counselors and an ability to claim responsibility for how I showed up in the world, to begin to shift my way of thinking. Is it true that we attract what we put out? I don't know, but I finally realized it actually felt a heck of a lot better to show up and face each day as a clean slate. 

The other thing I do-and this is CRITICAL-is limit my diet of negativity. In ALL ways. No more drama thank you very much. I am just over it. No can do. Lived that way for far, far, far to long. There is a BETTER WAY! This means…I limit and choose what I watch on the television and movies. Life is scary enough, don't need to see more horrifying photos from the latest plane crash in Denver (last nights offering). I don't need to watch cop shows that offer women as victims of every atrocity known to man-no pun intended. I limit what and how I read the paper. I scan. Read bits and pieces, just enough to stay informed and not crumble amidst fear and scarcity. I also surround myself with friends who are doing the work and showing up every day. Of course there are times when the proverbial S–T hits the fan, but what I have noticed is that even when that happens, I no longer REACT. I find a place of calm inside me to weather the storm. NO DRAMA! WHOOOO HOOOO! 

There are some wonderful magazines out that can help you realize that although our media chooses to focus on all the horrendous things happening in the world, there still is a lot of GOODNESS out there as well. People all over our country and the world are using their gifts to attempt to make this a better world to live in. Here are a few of my readings: ODE magazine, Pink Magazine, and a lot of amazing on-line blogs written by people just like you and me. 

I hope this helps. Last night gave me an idea. I would like to start a little column…Feisty  Females wanna know…or something to that effect. I will post something about it later this week. Would you be willing to post your questions as they come up using Creative Awakenings? I think that could be really fun. I felt like a modern day Ann Landers last night. It was a blast! What I loved is how many women said they realized they were not alone in their thoughts or questions. How 'bout it! That is what it's all about! 

Stay tuned: NOON MTN. Last nights winner from our Live Chat will be announced. 

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2 Responses

  1. I like what you say about limiting your diet of negativity. I once was a news junkie and needed to have my finger on the pulse of world events. It was very stressful. In my conspiracy theory way of thinking, I believe that keeping the populus in fear is a form of controll. People feel disempowered and hopeless and don’t believe that their voice or effort counts…so they are silent and nothing changes.
    Howver the resurgence in the interest in political events in the US due to Obama’s win is astounding and shows that people right here and right now are aching for good, positive change.
    The wonderful thing about being an artist is to be surrounded by beauty and to be able to express an idea or a feeling or a thought directly to others.
    I think that immersing yourself in positive experiences is a real gift.
    I look forward to hearing more about your planned column.

  2. “I think that immersing yourself in positive experiences is a real gift.” I wholeheartedly agree Flora!
    I also appreciate what you said about surrounding yourself with beauty!