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“In the silence between your heartbeats hides a summons….
 What is calling you?…

 Listen closely….can you hear it….is it a whisper….or a howl? 

Close your eyes. Take a long deep breath. Exhale.  Ask yourself this question… 

“What keeps me from stepping in the direction of my dreams and awakening to my full creative potential?”

What did you hear? That is your answer, the truth that lives just underneath the surface for most of us. Some of the answers I hear are:

Do any of those sound familiar?

Close your eyes again. Take another deep breath. Exhale. Let’s take one small step together. Allow yourself to Dare to DREAM by imagining the possibilities! Remember, you are not alone, I am here to listen. Most of all remember this, there are no consequences to dreaming. Are you ready? 

Take another deep breathe and ask yourself this question…

What makes your heart beat faster, but as soon as you think about it, you change the channel in your mind because you don’t know how it could ever be possible?

What did you hear? Write it down, this is your truth. What REALLY lives inside you every day? The truth that will allow you to open your eyes in the morning feeling thrilled-yes, thrilled-to wake up. This is the truth that defines the word…PASSION!

“Sheri is helping me
consider new ways to look at a situation that’s fundamental to my happiness.
Her encouragement has me thinking in a different direction.
Patsy T., Kansas 

                                            Dream Big Dreams

“What if it was possible to have everything you ever imagined with a co-creative partner? Coaching can help you get there! Let’s DREAM, CREATE, LEAP and FLY”

Arts-based Psychotherapy and Life Coaching


As an Author, Psychotherapist, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Life Coach and small business owner for over 20 years, I have a wide range of coaching and counseling expertise.  My background is both traditional psychotherapy training and Expressive Arts Therapy. 

My work and Expressive Arts training, is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Person-Centered Expressive Arts philosophy and principles (unconditional positive regard), weaving together creativity, movement, journaling, sound and guided imagery and traditional talk therapy. 

My priority is to create an environment and container of safety, so you are free to explore your dreams, ideas and feelings. My work is individualized to your specific needs and I meet you where ever you might be on your journey, meaning, you choose what’s right for you in the work. 

Please note: Arts-based counseling and coaching IS NOT about whether you are an artist or see yourself as “creative.” 

Some of my areas of interest are:

•Professional Coaching

    •Women’s Issues
    •Life Transitions
    •Mid-Life-Learn the joy of empty nesting

•Creativity Coaching
    •The art of creative enterprise
    •Ebbs and flows
    •Creative direction

•Small Project and Short Term Coaching Support
    •Brainstorm new concepts to grow your business


What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a growing field that is very different from counseling or therapy. How? Coaching is present centered and positive in nature. The coaching process helps you address specific intentions, transitions, projects, and areas of interest in your personal life and/or career.

“Thank you. You are an exceptional coach…human and funny! Having an ear for capturing the essence of what people are saying is a real gift! I am very grateful to Beth for getting us connected, the timing was perfect.” Mary S., Florida

By uncovering, discovering and working with the challenges that might be keeping you from going where you say you “really” want to be, coaching can empower you to succeed. The coaching relationship  is a unique, dynamic and co-creative process. Together we will create a design that allows you to step boldly and confidently in the direction of your dreams.

“Sheri is helping me to harness some of my ideas and energy into an organized plan that is already guiding me toward greater productivity as an artist.” MB Shaw, MO

Sheri’s approach to coaching is quite refreshing. She actually listens! You can feel her presence while you are speaking. When she responds, not only does she ask the next question with thought, she also asks with deep insight into you. I completely trust her, knowing what ever I say to her will be handled with sensitivity and care. She is quite a blessing.” Jacqueline, MC., MN

  Are you ready to take the first small step? 


Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session so we can imagine the possibilities and see how to make them realities!