We had to do some rearranging of our home after I was offered the book publishing contract. Since moving my office/studio back home, I share my small studio with my local clients. It is a pretty tiny space and I was feeling so confined and my work was showing it.  I needed a place to create that was big, bold and could remain messy.

We have had this bizarre and unusable space in our "living" room. We could never figure out what the guy had in mind for that area when he remodeled this place, so it remained vacant for the last 2 years we have lived here. We tried a few things, to make it functional, but nothing really worked there. It has incredible light and an unbelievable view of the river, but there is also wall of West facing glass. 

When we first moved in, my hubby Andy, had all his music equipment in there, but after the first summer when the temperature reached 85 and counting, he realized that this might not be the best place for his equipment, as it was beginning to melt like the wicked witch of the west.   

I had been looking around for a place to rent-even temporarily-to work on the book pieces, but the prices around here have gotten astronomical. Ridiculous in fact. Plus it is kind of nice to work when the mood strikes and even be in your PJ’s if need be. About a month ago, when summers heat finally waned, and you could actually sit in there before 10pm, we got this idea, let’s put the studio in the weird corner!  And so we did. We marched everything upstairs and after several attempts, and a few screws into some 6 foot dry wall, we created a hip impromptu home art studio! Claudine told me once that she works out of her living room too, so I have a feeling that seed helped bring this to fruition!




Our friends tell us that they love the space! They say it inspires them, and that they would never have been so bold as to put up dry wall to create a place where they could make a mess-in public. Well, what is a "living room" if not for living. As far as I am concerned, I would be happy as a clam if people came over and were so inspired that they picked up a brush or crayon and got their creative ya, ya’s out. As a teacher I have always shared my space, so I am not territorial about my studio, or my materials. The more the merrier! In fact, the day I deliver the book I am going to host a big party and have everyone come over to celebrate and create.

The first day we put the board up, it was white and bare-except for some black shoe prints that were already on it in the store. Suddenly, I was terrified, I heard this nasty voice in my head say, "Now you have a studio, you better make some good art!"  So…I picked up some colored markers and wrote some positive affirmations on the board to chase away the gremlin. Now I have a new plan. I am going to invite friends to leave and inspirational quote or affirmation on the wall when they visit. My friend is coming over for breakfast in a little while. She is going to be my first victim-she doesn’t know that yet. When was the last time anyone invited you to write on the wall with gusto without getting sent to your room without supper!


"Faith is believing, even when common sense tell you not to."

Common sense would have said, "You can’t make a mess in the living room." The Feisty Female™ in me said, "Why not!"

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