Book of Dreams Journal

DreamTime Monday, July 6, 09 I worked yesterday in my Book of Dreams. This months intention is to Imagine the Possibilities. I am ready to imagine bigger, and bolder new […]

June Art of Intention™

June 2009 Intention. I have come full circle. I created my first Art of Intention piece for Creative Awakenings in my Book of Dreams in June 2007. I had no […]

The Countdown has begun…join us!

It's Saturday and the countdown has started. We have 3 more days before our adventure begins! I am so thrilled that you have all agreed to join me, Blue and […]

More Bliss…Weekend Blissin’ 4-5-6

Bliss 4-Gypsy Spirit Road Trip! Bliss 5-Downtown mural Bliss 6- VERY Groovy Feisty Female shop! Hey gang! I just returned from a Gypsy Spirit weekend in Boulder/Denver. Part pleasure and […]

Creative Awakenings Guided Imagery Audio

Creative Awakenings Guided Imagery Audio Creative Awakenings author Sheri Gaynor takes you through a relaxing guided visualization to support you in your EnVision DreamTime experience. Track one gets you ready […]