Here is a snippet and a sneak preview of one of the book pieces

Where have the days gone? I have been putting a lot of creative energy into the book.  We had a major bump in the road to get past, but I think it is all going to work out just fine! This book has been an unexpected growth opportunity. I am not sure why I would say unexpected, but truthfully I think I have been blindsided by the incredible personal process this is taking me through. My friends think this is exceptionally funny, because the books premise is about art as process! I am living my talk and walking it every day and it is wonderful.

Yesterday I went to my favorite nursery. The employees there are so helpful and kind, even during spring frenzy. They really know their stuff and the plant selection is the best around. Fall was in the air and the women were breaking down the green house benches. I had a pang of sadness until I saw that all the plants were almost 50% off!  I was able to finally fill a bed I have been weeding for two years! What a battle, but I think I won. I love buying plants this time of year not only can you get some incredible deals-we locals know when to shop- but It also helps me to head into the darkness of winter, knowing they have been nurtured and will be the first gifts of spring.

All week I had been using seeds and plants and weeds as metaphors with clients. It seems so cliche and over used, but I know why it works. Our creative souls are truly such fragile entities. Trusting our gifts and talents can be difficult in the face of criticism and potential "rejection." Our dreams are the same way. The are not to be taken lightly but nurtured until they are ready to stand tall on their own.

What can you do today, so nurture your creative soul or a dream seed that is waiting to blossom? Feel free to comment.