“Sheri has a gentle way of helping her clients excavate and explore the emotional/spiritual issues and challenges that are holding them from their full capacity of happiness and expression, and giving us tools to get clear, heal and move into a place of wholeness.” ~ Anonymous

“Regular sessions speaking with Sheri gave me the opportunity to learn that healing and working through life’s matters takes time. The mind needs time to change and find healthier ways of thinking and responding to life’s surprises and challenges. She is an intuitive healer and coach with the ability to support an individual on an emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual level, what ever the need is.” ~ Anonymous

“You helped me to see the utmost importance of caring for myself, both mentally and physically, how to put myself ahead of others, how to nurture my inner being. You helped me unlock a creative self that was essential to my growth and wellbeing!!! I was given the courage to take the steps to begin my healing!” ~ Anonymous

“I was searching for support around life changes — new parent, working mom and the guilt over not being able to juggle it all. Your easy and creative temperament was something I could relate to. I have always had a hang up about therapy/counseling, and you broke those perceptions for me. Through our work together, I gained balance of insight and a new mindset that freed me from the constant feelings of guilt.” ~ Anonymous


“We found you through our Executive Director, Jeff Kremer. We love what you are doing with our crew.” Jacquie Wheeler, Senior Solutions Counselor,  Jaywalker Lodge

“We were seeking solutions for coaching/ expressive therapy for our clients. The group and individual experiential sessions were exciting and helpful for our clientele. ~Frankie Grundler, Co-Founder/Path Technician,  A New Path

Due to the personal nature of psychotherapy and coaching, most clients have chosen to remain anonymous

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