Luv Notes from Clients

I just wanted to say thank you for being such an integral part of my healing journey. Of all the coaches and therapists I've worked with in my 20 years, you are my favorite. I realize now as a therapist myself that we don't often get to hear how our clients are doing or growing once they've left us, so I wanted you to know that I'm happier and healthier than ever and absolutely thriving as my authentic self. I would not be here without having had your guidance and support. You are truly a magical light worker in this world. Sending you love, and I hope to see you one day soon!"
“Sheri has a gentle way of helping her clients excavate and explore the emotional/spiritual issues and challenges that are holding them from their full capacity of happiness and expression, and giving us tools to get clear, heal and move into a place of wholeness.”
"Regular sessions speaking with Sheri gave me the opportunity to learn that healing and working through life’s matters takes time. The mind needs time to change and find healthier ways of thinking and responding to life’s surprises and challenges. She is an intuitive healer and coach with the ability to support an individual on an emotional, physical, professional, and spiritual level, what ever the need is.”
“I was searching for support around life changes — new parent, working mom and the guilt over not being able to juggle it all. Your easy and creative temperament was something I could relate to. I have always had a hang-up about therapy/counseling, and you broke those perceptions for me. Through our work together, I gained balance of insight and a new mindset that freed me from the constant feelings of guilt.”

Art, Healing, and HOPE (AHH)
Virtual Pandemic Support

Art, Healing,
and HOPE (AHH)
Virtual Pandemic Support

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