I’ve been thinking a lot about the C word in the last few weeks and the impact it has made in my life and those I have been blessed to work with. “What’s the C word,” you ask? Creativity.

Last week I received a letter, “Your book saved my life.”

I’ve been thinking of writing, about this, as I heard from a couple of new students, that they suffer from “creativity” block. Remember, this…creativity is your birthright.

We are born innately creative, until it’s stripped from us in one form or another over the span of our lifetime (think school). If you were ever told that the elephant can’t be pink or that your dog looked like an elephant, you can rest assured that that’s where it began.

I am in the business of recovery-in more ways than one.  I help people recover their birthright and reclaim their creative SOUL.

I hear it all the time, generally it comes as a whisper on the other end of the phone,  “I don’t have an ounce of creativity, so I’m not sure I should sign up for your workshop.” Interestingly, these are the very folks who blow open the smoldering creative volcano, and spew the smothered ash, when they do venture through my doors. .

So, I invite you to use this year to reclaim your true creative essence. Your creative SOUL.


For me, I have a strange form of two types of dyslexia. The main one is spatial relations. I can see depth perspective, but I can’t translate it. When I try to draw something “realistic,” it comes out backwards. I have to REALLY concentrate if I want to try and draw something the way it looks and still, it has the hand of a child.


I knew from the time I was small I wanted to be an “artist,” but I never measured up in art class, so I became a photographer and went to school for it, so I could find a way to safely express what was inside me. It wasn’t until much later in life that I was able to take the risk to attempt to paint. It was then that I found my voice as an artist. I’m quite sure there are many of you that can draw much better than I can, but that’s not what SOUL art is about. SOUL art is about finding your vision. Your voice. Your way of expressing yourSELF and what you have to share with the world.