Today I was graced to be witness to a tender few moments at WindWalkers. Two little boys were guided into the arena in their wheelchairs. When I say “little,” I mean tiny. It was clearly not their first ride, you could see it in their Spirits, their excitement was palpable. They knew where they were and what was on the horizon.

Gabrielle Greeves and Kristin Wolff helped them up and ramp, and patiently and lovingly lifted the boys onto their steeds. Tears welled up, as I witnessed these two boys instantly transform before my eyes. Within moments, huge smiles spread wide across their faces, as they found their balance, and relaxed their bodies, allowing the horses to carry them forward.

As I stood in awe, I realized they had become Centaurs, half-human, half-horse. Unbridled joy was evident through squeals of delight, and clapping hands, as they were freed from any limitation, able to find the rhythm and movement they do not have with their own legs.

As the scene unfolded, I learned they have been with WindWalkers since the age of two and when they first arrived, they could barely sit up. Today they were cowboy Centaurs, riding tall and free on the backs of their 4-legged healing partners.

To my dear herd sisters at WindWalkers. Thank you for what you do for me and for our community. I know the long hours, you all put in to do this GOOD WORK. You are there to serve in the freezing cold, the scorching heat, and wild winds that blow through on Missouri Heights. You are there every day, caring not only for the humans, but also caretaking the beloved herd of 4-legged healing partners.

It’s days like today that I am reminded that the world is a GOOD place. There are people doing GOOD work. And when I lose my way and feel my own sense of pity, I will remember those tiny Centaurs, and realize the many blessings I have and the grace I have been given to do this work in the world.

And not surprisingly, the most well-known Centaur is Chiron, the wounded healer. I think that says it all. Day is done. Night y’all.

To read more about WindWalkers and/or make a donation, to support their GOOD WORK please visit their site