Sheri on left dressed to the 9's, in an AWESOME outfit from Corky Woods. You girls made me look good!

The Super Model is coming down to earth and re-entering her Mountain Gal persona. WOW fellow Feisty Females, I have to tell you, this might have been the best thing I have ever done for my self-esteem. There I was on stage, with some REALLY high fashion priestesses and I felt absolutely FANTASTIC and VERY SASSY! 

I had a pretty rough week last week, with a lot of late nights-not my forte these days-2 floods on different days of the week and between clients in my studio from the restaurant above me and a crisis of faith when it became clear, we jumped the gun a bit and Living with Cancer Program likely won't be funded for the first 6-weeks of programming. Suffice it say that 4 hours before runway walk, I was in tears with my co-facilitator and wondering WTH I was taking on this enormous new studio. 

Yes gals, it happens to me too some days. I am not immune to the eventual break down of faith that comes with stretching out of the old skin, when making life transformations. My co-facilitator Diane, talked me down from the ledge-and reminded me of what is REALLY important-she is a breast cancer survivor newly out of treatment, which sure puts things in perspective. She told me that she believes in the dream, the work and in me. We all need people like Diane in our lives, so when those ledges show up, there is someone with a bull horn waiting at the bottom. 

Being authentic takes courage. I was surrounded in this event with about 6 current and former clients and many more in the audience. This took being my bona fide and genuine a WHOLE new level, including changing backstage in mass. 

As I walked on stage in my first line (see photo above) to the cheers and screaming of my community (and my cute hubby in the background) I was jolted awake, this IS what HAPPENS when community comes together. This is what HAPPENS when we BELIEVE.  

After the show, as we mingled, a client came up to me and said, "I shouted out, that's my THERAPIST!" Her friends said, "Wow, she really walks her talk! How cool!" If I am gonna preach it, I better be ready to LIVE IT!

Something new is awake within my heart this morning-and I don't think it's just the coffee…Let's take a moment today and IMAGINE POSSIBILITIES WE NEVER DREAMED EXISTED!!!

Remember it begins with, YES I CAN! and sometimes involves fakin' it till we make it!

Dare to be FEISTY…it ROCKS! 

To the cast and crew of this extraordinary event. My heart to everyone for their efforts. To my dear SWIRL sister Lynn Aliya, thank you for making me a star and supporting my dreams all these years. To Amy Kimberly, Ro Mead and the rest of the wild tribe over at CCAH, I am in awe!