Words, words, words. This is where I was all last week. My feisty guy came home yesterday and found me on the living room floor with scissors, computer and THE WORDS. He snapped this photo of me in mid-edit. I’m proud to say I am still in balance. I walk everyday, sometimes twice a day to keep my head clear and my body happy.


I think I am drinking a little too much coffee, but I still have to have some vices! I forgot about this photo. I took it in the Cincinnati airport while waiting for my flight back to CO. I noticed the sign and loved the quote, "Life happens over coffee, enjoy a YUMMY honey!" Hmmm….. I didn’t realize the expression on the woman’s face until I saw the image in my photo editing program. The line was VERY long, I was feeling much the same way that morning, because it was a mad and I mean MAD dash to the airport, nearly missing the plane, as the cab company forgot to pick me up!


My friend Toni and I went down to visit the a labyrinth that we created a couple of years ago. Toni was the architect of this Feisty project. It was actually created on city land Guerrilla Girl style. Shortly afterward we confessed to the town. I am happy to report we were not arrested and the labyrinth still stands. It was lovely to see the grass growing up through the rocks we placed and notice the paths worn down. It is somewhat hidden in the park, so you have to stumble upon it. It’s beautiful to see her dream come true.

Back to clients this week, with words scattered in-between….