IMG_8722With Solstice and New Years on the horizon, like many of you, I find myself thinking about the year ahead. It’s been another  year of transition for me-well, if I was honest…a few years-and I as a result, it’s caused a few shifts in my Universe. Some of these shifts were conscious decisions, others were those that the journey of life brings to our doorways; death, divorce, a move and career shift.

It has been 5 years since Creative Awakenings was published and I feel the new body of work bubbling up in my soul. As I sit in my kitchen, Blue curled up in his bed, rain pelting down for what feels like the 100th day in a row, I am asking myself, “What is it that I would consciously like to create for my life in 2015.” This is the gift and the art of the EnVision Intention Process, the dance between the great Mystery and taking the time and space to ask, “What is calling you…?” in an intentional way. As those of you who read my book know, my birthday is early in January. Generally, this is the day that I sit and reflect on the the last year and the year ahead. For me it is a true BIRTHday.

When the deluge of life transitions forces us repeatedly into the Mystery-with a capital M-it’s easy to focus on what’s challenging and more difficult to see the Blessings. And so I would like to take some time to count the many blessings that I see amidst the waves of change and to appreciate them and hold them dear. I don’t want to do this alone this year, I would like some company, so I’ve decided I’d like to begin here…with you. Inviting you to an EnVision Intention Circle, a collective virtual space where we share our gratitude for the gifts revealed in 2014 and our visions and dreams for 2015. As Dream Ally’s in this virtual field, we will hold space for those intentions to seed, simmer and be born. There is power and strength in numbers and I see this when I teach. The energy and INSPIRE-ations of the group raises the level of the collective field of consciousness.

So this year I invite all of you to an EnVision BIRTHday party. Let’s dance together in the great wild pasture of possibility and weave the alchemy of creativity to sow our seeds. If this interests you, please sign up below and I will private message you with more details. If you have friends who might like to join in this, please share this post, all are welcome. In the meantime, take 5 quite moments today to stop and think about this…In the silence between your heartbeats hides a summons…name it if you must…by why pretend it’s not there…~The Terma Collective (Used with permission)