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Creative Awakenings Immersions

There is a voice inside that tells us everything we really need to know about what lives in our heARTS. Most of us have learned to stifle that voice because we “fear” the outcome of the truth of it’s wisdom.   If we continue to supress the truth of our heARTS desire, you better believe that whisper will become a howl, until we are forced to hear the true call of our Souls purpose. ~Sheri  

Join me in the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains for a life-changing experience. The Creative Awakenings Custom Immersions take you on the fast track to whatever it is your heART desires.

There are 3 immersions to choose from:

  • A Personal Immersion
  • Professional Immersion
  • Expressive Arts Facilitator Immersion.


  • Custom design your immersion
  • Mix and match from my experiential offerings to meet your specific needs
  • Bring a friend, a colleague, group or your business team

Let’s talk about which immersion is right for you.

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Personal Immersion DreamQuest

ReAwaken. ReCreate. ReWild. 

Imagine a custom retreat designed just for you!

This private immersion is designed to nourish your heART + Soul.

We begin with a Discovery Session to determine your needs and what you want from your DreamQuest immersion. From there we design a custom program to get you from here to there.

During your immersion, spend time in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Carbondale, Colorado. In this stunning landscape, you will be supported to open your heart, deepen your intuitive wisdom and reconnect to your creative spirit.

Through the immersion process, you will find the answers you’ve been seeking and the tools to step into your dreams.

Your Personal DreamQuest Immersion will

  • Determine where you are now and where you want to be
  • Help you access unconscious patterns and behaviors
  • Support you in learning new ways of relating to yourself and others (effective communication, emotional wisdom)
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Access a more authentic, creative presence
  • Reflect aspects of the False Self
  • Increase connection to your Authentic Self
  • Enhance your skills as a natural leader

Engaging with the herd is a powerful way to learn new ways of relating to self or others

  • Distinguish your current style of leadership
  • Uncover and identify strengths and challenges within your personal and career dynamic
  • Clarify and enhance communication skills
  • Build and deepen trust in navigating groups and individuals
  • Develop effective leadership and co-creation
  • Emerge stronger with a new level of confidence

Professional Immersion Creative Lead

Are you a leader feeling like you’re stranded on a desert island, as you attempt to navigate the turbulent waters of communication and personalities? 

The world is calling for leaders who embody the skills of vulnerability, creative innovation and the fine art of interpersonal relating. Not all of us are to the manner born, but the truth is, these skills are something that most of us already possess.
Creative Lead will support you in strengthening your natural skills and offer you new tools to empower your ability to lead your team to enhanced productivity, improved, communication and creative innovation.
Your Creative Lead Immersion begins with a Discovery Session to determine your current goals. We then design an experiential immersion package specific to your needs.
You’ll learn new skills to step into your life and work with confidence and authenticity. These skills are not just for the office, you will leave feeling replenished and feel more confident about communication and leadership in all areas of your life.

The Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts Immersion

Bootcamp for the Soul!

Are you a therapist feeling stifled in your practice, seeking new tools to reawaken your passion?  

Are you an equine coach or equestrian specialist, looking for unique and creative activities to support your clients?  

Are you someone feeling ready for what’s next in their life and interested in a career that supports others, while also enlivening your life?

Bootcamp for the Soul is the fast track to my Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts teacher training. Many of you shared that it was challenging to step away from your work and life for 4 months at a time. I heard you and I’ve answered the call!

I’m now offering a 7-day intensive facilitator training bootcamp! 

The beauty of my 30-year career as an experiential practitioner it’s never gotten old, I LOVE my clients and practice and every day is a new adventure! I would LOVE to support you in feeling the same way!

Not for the feint of heard, Bootcamp for the Soul! is a deep-dive intensive, designed to get you up and running as an experiential practitioner in 7 days. 

Join me and step into the field of creative possibility. 

*CEU’s may be available. Please inquire.

Carbondale, Colorado