IMG_4307Today’s Bliss: Yesterday my friend and landlord Lisa Walters set up an obstacle course in the arena to work with a client. Wood panels, tarps and poles on the ground. When they were done I brought Sunday down to see if she remembered the tarp training we did when I first adopted her in Arizona. When she first walked in the barn she gave a good loud snort…”WHOA…somethings different in there!” I gave her a few moments to collect herself and then with halter and lead on I led her through the arena gate. We walked over together and circled the tarp. She gave it a few sniffs and we went off to play with some of the other items. She walked right over the wood panels as if they weren’t even there-we practiced this a lot in Arizona-and through the wood pole slots on the ground. We went back to the tarp and she sniffed it again. I asked if she was ready and she followed me right over. I was SO PROUD of her.

We took a short break and I removed her halter and lead rope. It was Liberty (no halter or lead) time! We then walked and trotted the course at Liberty and she never blinked and eye! There is no way to describe the joy this brings my heart. Sunday and I are learning together. I’m willing to try things with her and listen. No treats- not that there is something wrong with that-but I want something different for us. No bribes, in our training and learning to dance, it has to be an equal partnership. That feels important to me. As for Dreamweaver Sunday, she’s willing to show up and try. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.When there is trust, love and leadership…all things are possible.

Imagine how this could translate to your life. I certainly see the ways it has to mine.