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Welcome to the Living Our Dreams blog. Why the purple boot? It is my brand. The essence of who I am in the world. It is funny to me that I have chosen this symbol, as I am really not a pink kind of gal. The boot came to me and would not let go. It started with a photograph of a mother and daughter dancing at a music festival and would not let go

When I launched my company Feisty Females,™ I ordered my first pair of purple/pink cowgirl boots. They are a symbol of the blend of Rocky Mountain, rough and tumble, combined with my feminine spirit.

As an artist, Georgia O’Keeffe has been my icon for as long as I can remember. In my mind she was the ultimate Feisty Female™. Her story was the inspiration for me to head West. My mother daubed me the ultimate JAP-a modern day “Jewish American Pioneer” and although she could never have known it at the time, those words became a paradigm for the way I would live the rest of my life. The Rocky Mountain region where I live-and my small town in particular-is still filled with real life cowboys and cowgirls. Each spring and fall modern life grinds to a halt, as the cattle drive moves right through the heart of town!

Being a woman requires random acts of courage on a daily basis. Stepping boldly in the direction of our dreams, requires a certain type of feisty spirit, with a healthy dose of moxie thrown in for good measure. We can’t do it alone, so I decided it was high time to have a place where I could ramble and muse about the adventures and challenges of being a Feisty Female.

My hope is this will be a place of inspiration for those of you who are dreaming of something more, as well as those of you who have already taken the leap.

Please subscribe and feel free to comment and send me links you think will inspire other women. I would love for this to be a collaborative discussion and I encourage you all to share your stories.

Hugs and Purple Boots