Home SWEET home is an understatement. Holding a dream in your heart for 30 years and stepping into the manifestation of it in a way you could have never imagined is a powerful experience! 

From this…


To this…still in process….


Tuesday was our first day in the new studio after a much needed 10 day time away with my hubby, visiting family in California and meeting my new niece Claire.  During our time away I crossed off another of my Fifty 50's…I went stand up paddling and it was a blast. Overcame a lot of fear during that adventure, as I had a near drowning when I was a young surfer girl. I've not been in the ocean in that way really since. I am hooked! 


Before I left, we had our closing circle with our Living with Cancer and Beyond group. We were granted permission from the building to host our closing night in the space-amidst boxes and chaos-prior to our official move in date. What a gift my partner Diane Kenney has been, recently completing her own treatment, she has been a passionate advocate for the program. She has been my my seeing eye dog, my right hand wrangler and a new treasured friend. Stop by her studio this weekend during the Roaring Fork Studio Tour weekend, you will love her ceramics AND HER NEW PAINTING SERIES!  Thank you to Janne Nikolajsen for sharing the gift of Hatha Yoga with us that evening. We loved the process! Janne will become a regular Friday morning Muse Whisperer at the studio, as we co-facilitate Creative Yoga. YUMMY!


Title: What's to come  Painting by Sheri during last months Soul Sessions….

We've got our special Sunday Soul Sessions Ground Shaking this Sunday, June 6, 9:30 a – 2:30 p. It's a family event and pot luck with live drumming with Barry Chapman and friends. Don't be shy, creativity is rarely tidy! Come splash, spill and groove to the beats and as our ground shaking event…by donation. We''ll be painting inside and out-literally and figuratively. Please call to let us know if you'll be joining us or email me to reserve your spot. 

Lastly, Yogabeats™ founder David Sye, will be joining us June 12, in the studio for a co hosted event with Transformational Yoga. Don't miss this extraordinary event!

Here's a link to what's happening this weekend! We sure hope you will join us! 

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