Most of you know that I believe stepping toward our dreams takes a combination of intention setting with a healthy dose of sweat equity. Let's face it…no one is going to make it happen for us…even the Universe…if we are not willing to do the work and participate. Sound harsh? Well, maybe, but it is the responsibility piece that I think gets lost in the idea of the Secret…wishing does not make it so ladies. 

I want to show you some photos from our first Soul Sessions Sunday in our new space. This is why I believe what I have told you in that first paragraph. It's been three long years since I closed my studio due to the sale of the building. What I didn't know is that a book was going to manifest during those three years and at the end of it, I would be ready to open another studio! Along the way the path was shown to me, as I listened in to "what was calling me." I wasn't always ready to take the step, but I listened and used my Book of Dreams (my guidebook of intention) to allow the feelings of possibility a place to live. 

Each step of this journey has been a true journey of intention setting and knowing when the timing would be right. As I stood in the room of 14 magnificent women on Sunday morning, but heart was literally bursting with gratitude and joy. As tears brimmed my eyes, I felt this HUGE need to paint. I painted a BIG heart and at the end of the class, shared it with the women. 

Come dream with me tomorrow night as I talk about the process and the Book of Dreams journal on with host Alison Lee. It promises to be a fun and feisty evening. In the meantime…dream on!

The Spiral appears


It's an all body experience!

Smiling faces!

Toni with her drum!