And healing from the crud- which has taken most of my energy this week-I was chosen for the Second Edition of dandelionblog.com’s Romance Writers Blog Carnival!!! I didn’t even know until today, so I feel a bit embarrassed, as I have not properly thanked the editors at dandelion. So here is a BIG FEISTY FEMALE THANK YOU from my blog to yours!  WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

I am so excited, thrilled, really. Dandelion.com is a great blog ladies! I am truly honored to have had my Mountains of Snow post chosen for this Carnival. Keep tabs on their posts, you might want to enter the Third Edition when it’s announced.

Would you like to find out more about Blog Carnival’s? Read this post, also at dandelion.com.

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope to resume my regular posting schedule next week!