Purple boots in Salt Lake City, Utah

WHEW! What a wonderful week. I had a lovely time teaching fellow therapists in Utah how to use the Expressive Arts in their practices. As a teacher there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing 20 people stretching and growing in new places. 

Walking to the TRAX System

Salt Lake is a fabulous city. I know…it surprises me every time I go there and I am happy to have my stereotypical beliefs challenged. The feel of the city I have experienced, is very much like Boulder, CO in a lot of ways. I am sure some of it has to do with the wonderful people I have met as a result of my teaching there the last two years, who have been kind enough to show me the "alternative" side of Salt Lake. Thank you to Robin, Kathy, Alyssa, Cindy and Ginger and my wonderful students for a lovely couple of days.

Pearl and Kali. I met her while taking the TRAX system to Wild Oats

Home is where you are!

This year we had a real art room in the Fine Arts Building on the University of Utah campus. THANK YOU JENNIFER and the Summer Institute staff! I knew I was home when I walked in the building and inhaled that familiar scent…oil paint! The next thing I found were the rocks you see with my pink boots in the photo above. They were in the garbage and since I have cairns built all over my property at the River House Studio, I decided to use the rocks to orient and ground me in my temporary home!


Several of the workshop participants were generous enough to share some of their knowledge and talent completely spontaneously! Karen and Peter literally started us off with a beautiful Hebrew chant so participants could feel the power of using sound. Another participant Jeniece led us in a self-portrait exercise using our hand as our point of reference. It was truly a co-creative process and I am grateful to each and every participant for throwing yourselves into the process and working in this experiential way. I believe as therapists it is important for us to experience and remember and know what it is like to be vulnerable. It keeps us human and humble. I know I mentioned this in our circle, but I have tremendous respect for the men in our group who shared so honestly and deeply. You are a beautiful example of the power of healing the broken aspects of the male/female dynamic. I will carry your words and thoughts in my heart for a long time.

Last night was the opening of the Wild Woman Annual exhibit. I have been a member of this group for a long time. The party is always fun and the art is quite avant-garde. Here are some photos from the evening. Tomorrow I will post a full portfolio of my work under photo albums on this page.

Linda and Sheri off to the show!


Skeleton Woman-Shannon

Just Wild!

This weekend. REST, NATURE and GARDENING….