You were my rock and my cheerleader.

You told me I was capable of anything, even when I didn’t believe.

Your beauty eclipsed the sun and moon + was my cross to bear.

You were honest + forthright, no matter the consequence.

You taught me to laugh, sing and dance. Oh how you loved to cut a rug. Even on that last cruise, oxygen in place, beer in hand, you shook your booty and moved your feet, one tiny step at a time, as the band played “oldies,” mouth wide, with the biggest smile I’d seen in years.

You taught us that dreams come true and Adam Gaynor and I are your legacy, working each day to fulfill that promise.

Happy Mother’s Day mom. You are gone, but never forgotten. You are with me each step I take, until we meet again.

And to all the mama’s out there, You tell me there are days you feel alone and afraid. That you”re doing it “wrong,” or “screwing it up,” remember those moments of bliss, you know the ones.

And when there is doubt, I will hold for you that you are angels who walk the earth. You may not see the fruits of you labor for some time, and your kids might lose their way for awhile-I did-so when you’ve lost your faith remember this…One of you helped me to become the woman I am today.

Passionate, Fierce. Resilient + Free + just a little bit Wild.

To all my friends who are mother’s, I see your wings. You’re never alone.